The Mattson Goal is Clear:

To teach executives how to better develop and deliver a clear message that results in the audience being better off than before the delivery.

Mattson Communication Training provides a combination of education, coaching, consulting, and training in the different aspects of Public Speaking:

Our difference is Rod Mattson—a student and teacher of public speaking. The best teachers aren't the natural stars, they have to work and study harder just to get on the team, stage, or screen. Teachers like Rod Mattson are more skillful at transferring their learned knowledge to the right people to help make them stars or more importantly, be effective.

In our case, we teach the least developed skills of all speakers—forming a clear message and understanding the audience. We work one-on-one with executives; however, we also offer workshops for managers.

Can Mattson Help You?

Are you good with people one-on-one; but, when asked to speak in front of a group, your communication skills seem to disappear? Does your self-confidence go down and you feel people see you as incompetent?

Did you have a bad experience public speaking so now you avoid all speaking opportunities with more zeal and creativity than you use in other aspects of doing your work well? Is the anxiety you experience thinking about giving a presentation so great that you don’t believe the possible rewards to you by public speaking are worth the pain and anxiety you will suffer for weeks, days, and minutes before the presentation?

We would all like to achieve some of the following:
Strong public speaking skills are necessary to achieve any of these goals.

You will learn the best practices for delivering presentations right here on this site. Stop looking for secrets or magic pills to instantly become a great public speaker; they don’t exist. However, over time, you can learn to use your own unique personality to develop and apply strong public speaking skills confidently in any situation.

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Rod Mattson

Rod Mattson

I am a teacher. My passion is teaching Public Speaking. Depending on the situation, I can also be a coach, a consultant, or a trainer. However, I am primarily a teacher. This is the beginning of my 19th year of training teaching which is my third career.

I found in the business arena that helping others achieve goals was much more rewarding to me than reaching my own goals. So teaching and training was the logical next step for me. People in my training and classes will find I am helping to better equip them for the organizational world.

It is important to get along with others and have an ability to influence others.

“You can have all the existing knowledge in any one field, however, if you can't communicate it, you are no better off than the person who has no knowledge at all.”
– Pericles, 5th Century BC

We get ahead by bringing people and ideas together and tapping into those collective minds. The person that can do such is the one who gets the most exposure, recognition, promotions, and earns the most money.

The fastest way to rise through an organization is exposure. There is no better or faster way to earn exposure than public speaking and superior communication skills.

If you look at the top tier of executives at all the Fortune 1000 companies, they are all excellent public speakers and communicators—this is no accident.

It isn't the best minds with the best ideas or hardest workers that get people to the top, it is the best communicators who are also most effective persuading their ideas that reach the top.
My goal is to help you become that person.

The following are my credentials:

Mattson Communication Training

Professor of Communication Studies, Adjunct
Green River Community College

Lecturer, Business Communication, Adjunct
University of Washington – Tacoma

M.S. Communication Studies
Eastern Washington University

B.S. Organizational Communication
Eastern Washington University

Business and Volunteer Experience
Sales, Sales management, Store management, Volunteer

(Complete CV or resume available upon request)

The Mattson Philosophy on Training

We are a principled driven organization in the field of public speaking. We operate with the strong conviction that understanding and applying public speaking principles is the key to effective communication. Effective communication is a skill that can be learned and continuously improved by everyone.